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    Pacific Jarrah is a stable timber, with a class 2 durability rating, natural white ant resistance and highly resistant to fungal decay.

    With natural similarities to Australian Jarrah it is a perfect alternative, minus the signature gum vein. Can be used as a substitute to Australian Jarrah. It is also a popular alternative to Merbau with a similar colour, yet minimal leaching and a similar price.

    Be confident with your choice, our timber is ethically sourced

    All of our suppliers products, including  Boral Timber products have Chain of Custody certification, which meets the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) AS 4707-2006. With Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) certified products, the timber used for Boral Timber’s hardwood flooring and decking is sourced from legal and sustainably managed resources.


    Decking be nailed or screwed directly to hardwood bearers and joists. Fencing can be screwed into timber or steel posts. After installation, the deck must be swept and cleaned to remove metal filings from drilling, nailing or other construction that may cause black spots on the deck when exposed to the elements. We recommend applying a timber finish to protect it once the deck has been installed. Do not leave your deck unfinished. If the deck has turned grey from natural weathering or has been discoloured due to metal filings, a solution of oxalic acid crystals mixed with water will help bring it back to its original beauty.

    Maintaining your deck

    Timber decking is typically made from Class 1 or 2 hardwood or Cypress timbers, or from an H3 treated pine. All three decking products, regardless of their durability, benefit from a coating of timber finish, after the deck is installed.  Using a timber finish promotes timber endurance for the life of your deck.

    Did you know?

    Continuously high moisture content (>20%) is likely to lead to fungal attack. Using a timber finish helps to prevent this by keeping the timber dry, and repelling moisture, rain and water spillages. 

    Ultra Violet light reacts with lignin in the timber’s cells and turns timber grey, which is not structurally damaging. Coating your deck with your choice of finish will help to prevent greying.

    All timbers require to be coated with a timber finish product. A simple coating of a quality product some type to instill a high level of water repellence. Left natural and bare, timber (particularly softwoods) will absorb moisture and will expand, then shrink as it dries out. Recurrent cycle lead to surface cracking and checking. Using a timber finish will help prevent this occurring.

    How often should I maintain my deck?

    Hardwood and Cypress decking is exposed to the elements and it is important to protect your deck. To preserve the colour of the timber species and improve the life of the deck, apply a decking finish to the exposed surfaces. Re-apply according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    We recommend washing your deck down with one of our cleaning products around once per year. Simply re-apply the timber finish of your choice as there is generally no need to sand your deck back prior to reapplying your finish. 

    View our range of timber finishes and oils for more information and products.

    For more information on other stocked hardwoods, feel free to call our friendly sales team.

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